AS9100 Consulting Services

Implementing AS9100 Management Systems

There are many ways a business or organization can go about implementing an advanced or quality management system. We have designed a straight forward, flexible and simple technique, which can be customized to meet specific client requirements and to minimize the chance of any business disruption during implementation.

Our three main stages to the process:

  • Development – Considering what happens in your business (i.e. your business processes).
  • Implementation – Putting the advanced or quality management system into operation.
  • Training – Supporting your human resources and setting a path for continual improvement of your management system.

These stages are achieved via a number of steps, such as:

  • Step 1 we carefully consider your main business activities and processes (i.e. the different flows of work through your business) and list them.
  • Step 2 is based upon this list, we help you decide if there are any exclusions that apply to your business, which will eliminate any unnecessary components of the system that are not applicable to your business.
  • Step 3 we encourage the involvement of your key people that you want involved by teaching them to write job descriptions and work instructions.
  • Step 4 we collate this in sequences relevant to the list of main business processes identified earlier.
  • Step 5 we identify where the standard and this list link together.
  • Step 6 we show you how to apply the standard and the quality management system.
  • Step 7 we keep the quality management system simple and functional (i.e. relevant to the business operations).
  • Step 8 we show you how to consider the feedback of information from the quality management system to lead to improvement in ideas and activities.
  • Step 9 we show you how to monitor and measure the changes so you know what you have gained by it all!

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