We provide consulting and implementation guidance for GMP for Cosmetic Manufacturers to Meet the Requirements of ISO 22716 GMP Certificate of Conformance

Services Available: Documentation, Training, Consulting, Internal Auditing, and Conformance Audits for Certificate of Conformance.

ISO 22716 provides a comprehensive approach for a quality management system for those engaged in the manufacturing, packaging, testing, storage, and transportation of cosmetic finished products. The standard has its basis in other quality management systems, ensuring a smooth integration with those quality management systems such as GMP, ISO 9001 or the British Retail Consortium (BRC) standard for consumer products.

The safety of cosmetic products is an issue often on the minds of manufacturers, suppliers and regulators. Numerous regional and international standards have been created over the years in order to enhance the quality and safety of cosmetic products, in many instances specifically addressing requirements for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers.

ISO 22716 is a comprehensive cosmetic safety management system standard, because it:

  • Integrates the typical requirements for product and process quality Good Manufacturing Practices requirements with other quality guidance, for example as laid down in the prerequisites for ISO 9001;
  • Allows for easy implementation in organizations of all sizes and levels of complexity;
  • Forms an internationally accepted basis for quality and safety compliance in the cosmetic products supply chain;
  • Fosters legal compliance as adopted by regulators around the world; and
  • Controls and reduces cosmetic products hazards and promotes continuous improvement throughout the supply chain.
  • ISO 22716 Certification enhances continuous improvements.
  • Organizations with an existing quality management program can incorporate the elements of ISO 22716 into their existing quality management system by using a stepwise approach to achieve compliance with global cosmetic GMP principles.
  • An organization with any of the existing cosmetic quality program can build on their existing platform and seamlessly transition to ISO 22716.
  • The ISO 22716 standard combines general principles of quality management in organizations with the typical elements of cosmetic product GMP with a risk management based approach.

Recently ISO published new guidance on the safe manufacturing of cosmetic products under a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regime. Regulators around the world have adopted this standard, ISO 22716, effectively replacing existing guidance and standards.

The advantage and simplicity of ISO 22716 is that it combines the benefits of GMP linking cosmetic product safety with overall business improvement tools that enable organizations to meet global consumer demand for cosmetic product safety certification.

The introduction of ISO 22716 marks a major step in the realization of a globally recognized standard for cosmetic products safety. This standard was prepared by ISO Technical Committee (TC) 217 Working Group (WG) 6 between 2002 and 2006. The final document was published in November 2007.